Two Popular Commercial Carpet Cleaning Techniques

These two popular commercial carpet cleaning techniques are popular because they work. The two popular commercial carpet cleaning techniques that professional commercial carpet cleaning services in Salt Lake City could offer you are hot water extraction cleaning and steam cleaning. But as a thinking layman perhaps, you wonder to yourself. Could these two commercial carpet cleaning methods be one and the same?   

Well, not quite, methinks. Let’s go and take a quick look just to make sure. Well now, you see how it is. It is already in the name. Steam cleaning uses only steam. And hot water cleaning is using, well, hot water. There are of course subtle differences. But would you believe that apart from actually getting the commercial carpeting clean, these two effective cleaning things do have one or two things in common.

For instance, carpet cleaning technicians will walk into their commercial clients’ premises with a load on their backs. It would be assumed that these loads are not heavy at all. Otherwise, what would have been the point? What work would be done if these technicians were struggling to shift their weight? Anyway, the carpet cleaning technicians are able to load portable alternative devices to their backs. Apart from the weight advantage, this portable method has one more important advantage.

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The commercial carpet cleaning technicians are now able to reach all those previously unreachable hard to reach places. It would have been so different with a heat extraction machine loaded onto the back of a truck. And of course, the truck can go no further than the client’s driveway or parking lot. Given that it is just so difficult to get your commercial carpeting one-hundred percent clean, you would do well to hire these technicians.